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What we Offer

Tours, Rentals and Sales.

Moose Yacht Club Call or text for details. Could be possible to come by and launch from my house, but please don’t just drop by, residential area. Not set up for walk up traffic.

Guided Tour / Training is an orientation of how to use a SUP.  I will meet you and up to six of your friends at a convenient lake location for an afternoon of fun, learning how to enjoy the stand up paddleboard.  This is priced on an hourly rate and I will stay right with you as you learn.  Typically 1- 2 hours, but we can accommodate your schedule.

Rental is for people after completing a Guided Tour / Training and / or having SUP experience, and are ready for a longer cruise.  I will meet you and up to ten of your friends at a convenient lake location for an afternoon of fun paddling around sightseeing.

Half day [1/2] rental is about 4 hours and Full day is 8 hours.  This option is for people that are ready to paddle around on their own.  There has to be at least one experienced paddler in the group.  I may be available to come along and help, but experienced paddlers may venture out on their own.  In order to reserve my availability for training and instruction, I will have to charge the hourly rate. We can work out the details to keep your costs manageable.

Rental options let you take control of the boards and have some fun.  Rental can be a couple of hours, all day or all weekend.  We can tailor a package to fit your needs.

Once you are hooked on the fun and exercise available on the SUP, you will be ready to buy your own.  There are many choices out on the web and I can help you get the board you need at a price that works for you.