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Recent News

2023 Everything is back in full swing. King Canary Brewery has continued with social paddles and they are very well attended. We meet at the brewery, paddle a little while to the island past Eddie’s, enjoy catching up with everyone, then paddle back for more beer.

2022 Still COVID’ish. Only doing a limited number of rentals. King Canary Brewery started hosting Tuesday evening social paddles. Very fun.

2021 COVID, everything is pretty much closed down.

2020 The apartment complex is getting close to completion. Thank the Lord! The construction noise has been non-stop.  Looking forward to the new neighbors, they will need to rent some paddleboards.

2019  This year, we have a new apartment complex being built right across from the cove from the corporate office.  It is very noisy at early hours of the morning.  We will be glad when it is complete.  There better be some fun people moving in the apartments.

2018 We got a second corporate yacht. This one works well. The original yacht is at the docks awaiting updates. Added a flamingo to the fleet and it is a lot of fun.

2017 Enjoyed seeing so many people with paddleboards. I have been glad to help people when they need to rent a few extra boards for the weekend.

2016 Operating as part-time side business. Having fun and keeping as busy as I can.

Winter 2015 – bought 6 new paddleboards for rental fleet.  Now have 15 total.

Summer 2015 – bought a corporate yacht. It is a 29′ double decker pontoon boat – The Moose “Lodge”. We will use it as a base of operation on Lake Norman.  Look for us at Little Myrtle island near Langtree peninsula.

October 2014 – met my sweetheart! She is wonderful.

Fall 2014 – meet a great group of paddlers in Hickory NC. Had a great time exploring Lake Hickory and Lake Lookout in Catawba county.

May 2013 – Had a fun launch with friends from the Harbor Cove marina.  Long walk from parking, have to work on cart for that.

Preparing for the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Boat Show at the Charlotte Convention center, Feb 7-10.  Drop by to see what Moose Paddleboard Company has to offer.

The response from the Lake Norman CURRENTS magazine article and just meeting new people on the water has been great.  I am having a blast sharing the SUP experience.

Moose Paddleboard Company has hit the big time in print!  Check out this issue of Lake Norman CURRENTS magazine. Thanks to Lori and Glenn for a great article 

I had a great time at the 2011 & 2012 Mid-Atlantic Boat Show at the Charlotte Convention center in February.  I met some nice people, and many were very interested in paddleboard rentals.  Several people were ready to buy one soon, so I see paddleboarding becoming very popular here in the Lake Norman area.

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